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Friday, December 14, 2007

Creative Leadership

Just finished listening to the podcast from Accidental Creative on Creative Leadership - an apisode about product and process. It served me as a great reminder.

Responsibilities of creative leaders

1. Bust the black boxes, build trust.
Do you call out to your people on what the organization is about and what the product is about? Do they have absolute CLARITY on what it takes to succeed and what is considered a failure? How transparent is your leadership?
Do your people know their role in the bigger picture?

2. Beware of derivation creep.
Take a look at the work that your people are doing - how much of their work is actually aligned to the organization vision and goals? Even if they are off the course by 1 degree - which does not seems to matter at first - over a long period of time the distance from the goal will become significant.

3. Be the first to take the fall.
No.1 in the leader's oath - be accountable for all failures, no excuses.

4. Give credits when it's due.
Celebrate success - tell people when things are done right, tell people even when their thoughts are aligned with your goals or the organization's vision.

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