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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Evolution has served mankind well, if you follow Darwin's theory.
It can be applied to organizations as well.

The 3+1 success factors of evolution are:

1. Variation - We need to allow variation to happen, aside from just appreciating differences. It is the variation in genes that have made mankind adapt to the changing world.

2. Inheritance - While we need to embrace variation, it is inheritance that made us who we are today and the reason why mankind is different from other species.

3. Selection - The process that ensures the strong survive and the weak eliminated. Like it or not - the environment, or the customers will enforce this process on businesses. In order to survive, organizations need to have the selection process within itself as well - keeping the strong people, process, product and weeding out the weak ones.

And the last one:
Be there.
What do I mean? Read this article on Forbes to understand more.

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