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Sunday, September 27, 2009

How to present like Steve Jobs

You can watch the video here, and read my excerpt below.

This is from a book The Presentation of Steve Jobs by Carmine Gallo.
How to be insanely great in front of any audience.

5 key secrets

1. Introduce the antagonists

"Every great drama has a hero and a villain."
This is the key to great salesmanship isn't it. Sell the problem first, then the solution. Many people do it the other way round!
The villain here can be a customer problem, an ugly scene in the industry, or a competitor.
And make your solution the Hero.

2. Create Twitter friendly headlines.

"A really light, thin notebook with a 13.3 inch display and yada yada yada" versus
"The World's Thinnest Notebook". (Period).
That was the headline for MacBook Air. 140 character or less!
The next key is - how you communicate that consistently across your website, press releases, presentations, and what came out from your sales person's mouth. I think it takes good discipline and great leadership in the organization.

3. Sell Dreams, not Products.

Steve Jobs doesn't sell computers or hardware.
He sells transformative experiences.

"Music is a transformative experience. Music enriches people's life. In our own small way, we are changing the world". And the world was changed with iPod.

What is it about your product that will change your customers' life?

4. Zen like Simplicity

Simplicity is the elimination of clutter.
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
Get it?
There are no bullet points in Steve Jobs presentation, and hardly any words. But yet every slide of his presentation conveys a strong message and maximized the outcome.

That same principle applies in product design, presentation and I dare say - life!

5. Rehearse!

Steve Jobs practices over 100 of hours over period of weeks before he does 1 presentation.
If Steve Jobs rehearse relentlessly, what would you do? Depend on your natural born talent in presentation?